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Pretty classic

I lol'd almost all the way through it...It was real funny. Rina and Scoot...what a good combo!

Finish This

Then I shall grade you appropriately. Looks promising enough. The part where the white guy got punched because he was dancing was funny. Finish this up and do some editing and it will be awesome, I bet.

Light-Spriter responds:

Sorry i would finish it but The file is messed up... In fact this isn't even the correct one the one that was suppose to be uploaded in on my YT page.. But its my fault for not saving =/

I think I'm gonna be sick

Haha that was very funny. I liked how the banana was still smiling even though the others weren't XD sick banana.

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Rick roll'd bitches XD that was nice, thanks for that.


Amusing game, especially all the submitted content. The game's overall message is good, but I've seen it on NG before. Still, this is addictive. I made one called Jumper for a medal (even though I didn't get it for some reason) and the number is 247. It's not that hard for those reading this other than the author.

Anyway, great game with a great message. 9/10 5/5


Why is this so addicting? It's not even that great a game concept...and yet it's so fun to play. I gots 498 cuz I have no life :3 check mah score if you dont believe me, I'm Kalas.

Anyways, this game could be better, but the fact that its competitive with people all around the world and it's simple makes it playable. This definitely rocks as a simple decent game.

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This rocks! May I have permission to use this song in a movie? Ill give you full credit for the song :D

Very good

It sounds good but still has its own unique style to it. I like it, you did well on this. 4/5 9/10


Mario at its best. This is pure win. That's all I can possibly say to describe this masterpiece. Keep up the great work.

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That's really good

I've always liked your work, but this is cool. I especially like the sword detail and the little pet that accompanies him. Very well drawn as always!

I'm a simple person that loves to help people in any way possible. I've gotten some slight talent for a person of my age, and I wish I could do something to add to Newgrounds, such as a voice or flash. I just keep on dreaming, though.

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