I need a script to try out

2009-10-12 03:47:00 by KalasMibari

Since I have tons of voices that I haven't shown anyone yet, people don't know my full potential yet. I need someone to write me a script that has humor, yet also let's me use my voice talents to their maximum! Anyone up to this?

Audio submitted!

2009-10-05 04:00:09 by KalasMibari

Now people on newgrounds can finally hear my voice...it's not really that funny cuz I wrote the script myself, but it turned out okay, cuz getting the voice out is all I wanted to do. ^^ please check it out if you can

Voice Acting (Update)

2009-09-28 01:52:17 by KalasMibari

Well, I figured out how to post an audio submission with the right file type, so it's up there, waiting for submission. All I have to do now is wait for a mod and people can let me know how my voice is! I feel good. and for those of you who actually wanna see it now, i made a youtube video, too. Here ya go! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6m7ZOl IbTw

Voice Acting

2009-09-17 00:08:31 by KalasMibari

I have a microphone that works pretty decent and I can do a load of voices of many different tones and pitches. I can do famous voices, such as George Bush Jr., Arnold Schwarzenegger, and even Elmo, or I can do types of voices, such as a shy person or a demonic creature of some sort. I want to help NG members that make flash but can't find a good voice actor. I'm defenitely not going to charge anything right now since I'm just starting out. I'm probably not as good as some voice actors on this site, such as Rina-chan, but I really want to try. If anyone reading this needs a voice actor, just ask me in a comment or send me a message via inbox and I'll reply ASAP.

New Avatar

2009-09-01 03:45:57 by KalasMibari

Well, I made myself a new avatar in Paint.NET just now. I tried to make it similar to Tom's avatar, without it being a copy of his. Now that I look at his avatar, though...it looks a lot alike, but that's kind of what I was going for: something NG-like, and what's more NG-like than Tom? Anyway, if anyone is reading this at all, please comment on my avatar. I want to know how I did.

Furry Rant

2009-08-16 22:30:34 by KalasMibari

Everywhere I look, there is a person sending someone rude and unintellegent comments on posts about furry pics. Now, I am not a furry, but I know the truth about them, and it angers me that so many are wrongly informed about furries. Let me explain some things. If you are going to just read the title and comment on how furries are terrible, then you will see a ban, so please read as you will find this isn't an anger rant. Here we go:

1. Fictional
Furries on the internet are a work of anime fiction fantasy work. This does NOT mean pornography. Furries do not always have to be sexual, but it IS for entertainment purposes.
2. Cartoon/Anime
Furries are basically cartoons/anime drawings when on the internet. It's not real, so it's basically for people who like animals. LIKE. Not love. The pornographic furries most people commonly refer to are not the only thing about furries, and not everyone reads furry comics to get aroused. Honestly, I read all furry comics and view all pictures, but I don't feel physically attracted to a cartoon. Sure, it's unique and the artwork is nice, but it's not extreme, and not everyone out there who likes furry porn wants to be a furry or enjoys it only for sexual content.
3. Commenters
If you are a person who goes to wherever there is furry porn and leaves a comment like this: "This is so gross, get out of so-and-so website you furfag," then you are at a wrong. For one thing, if you "stumble" across some yiff or other furry pornograhy ANYWHERE and it displeases you, just navigate away from the page. Accept the fact that other people don't hate it and keep going on about your business. It saves time for you and the person posting the pics/comics. Also, if you don't like furries or anything to do with furry art/pornography, then quit looking for it! Trust me, you have to be looking for it in order to find it, so if you don't like it, dont search it. It gives off the impression that you either lie about hating furries or you are a mean person who diliberately searches for ways to be hurtful towards others.

To those who actually read this all the way through and don't leave a bad comment about furries right away, thank you for being patient. If you don't like furries, that's fine. I'm not a furry and I don't try to convert people to becoming or liking furries. If you DO like furries, I hope this was a good reminder of the original concept of furries, one that did not stem from perversion and was actually created for normal entertrainment, not porn. Just remember the internet rule: If it exists on the internet, there is porn of it. Period. We can't do anyting about it, but that doesn't mean we have to be hateful. Thank you for reading this, and I hope I brought some light to people's eyes.

Medals Gallore

2009-07-22 04:00:41 by KalasMibari

I've started to get some medals and stuff like that. Besides points and bragging rights, do these have any purpose other than "OMG i wasted my life trying to get these!" lmao

Newgrounds Noob

2009-07-15 17:17:01 by KalasMibari

I love Newgrounds, and I have been a fan for a while, so I decided to make an account here. I hope I can be a decent member.